Waste No Magical Moment

I spoke last night at a banquet for married couples.  It was an amazing evening.  I love sharing my story.  Not because of the painful topic, but because of the chance for change.  I have a passion for being a part of a plan bigger than myself.  I have a purpose in helping see lives changed for the better.  My message over the last year and a half remains constant, yet grows in fervor beckoning my audience to “Treasure Today and Be Here Now!”

My very good friend came with me to hear the talk and commented afterwards on the power behind my message.  She said the passion in my voice is strong; hardly able to wait to share with people the poignant truth to live now – do not waste magical moments.  This message in my life continues to gain momentum. 

After the dinner, I slept over at my friend’s house due to the distance home.  It was a perfect "girl’s night" with a long inspiring chat, a movie and an ice cream invention.

The next morning her six-year old daughter, our goddaughter, showed me a picture of Shawn I had never seen before.  He looked so cute and relaxed.  It was a spontaneous photo of him telling a story and he had an expression of intrigue on his face that I remember well.  I was sitting next to him laughing freely. 

I wanted to jump inside that photo. 

I wanted to hear what he was talking about.  I wanted to find out why I was laughing.  But most of all, I wanted to experience that piece of being a couple again. 

  • Connected 
  • In-tune
  • Supported 
  • Attached 
  • Invested 
  • Treasured 
  • Valued 
  • Prized
  • Respected
  • Appreciated
  • Relished
  • Important
  • Delighted
  • Enchanted
  • Amused
  • Enjoyed
  • Understood 

More than just two people on a page, I was holding a snapshot in time of a relationship honored.  This is where my passion springs from; knowing that a life lived with love is a life full of gifts to treasure. 

Waste no magical moment. 

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