Mount Berry, Georgia and My Do Something Life

Last week I attended the Dynamic Communicators Workshop presented by comedian Ken Davis. No, this is not a joke (although I spent the week with one of the most sincerely hilarious guys in the business). Ken Davis hosts this conference once a year to train speakers how to deliver an engaging message with focus.

One of the first things Ken Davis told our group was, "God is calling us out of our do nothing lives."

In essence he was telling us to wake up! A message that fits well with the Caribou slogan in my life.

I spent four days at Winshape Retreat Center, part of the Berry College Campus in Mount Berry, GA about an hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Atlanta. This campus boasts of being one of the largest in the world with 26,000 aches of wildlife preserve and filming spot for "Remember the Titans." The sign at the college entrance reads "Gate of Opportunity" and I was immediately intrigued (secretly hoping Jordan or Madelynn will want to attend school here).

The speaking sessions were intense. My small group was said to have the "Simon Cowell" of all the instructors. Although a bit intimidating, he pushed us to be our very best. And in the end it is usually Simon Cowell who is right whether we want to admit that or not.

Grandma watched my kids while I was gone. When I called home to check how they were doing and tell them I love them, Jordan told me, "I love you, also. Do you want to talk to your own mom

Travel advice for the week: If you ever have a chance to participate in a retreat at Winshape–sign up! They are known for their southern hospitality, an immediately welcoming place. They also specialize in marriage retreats with a variety of themes to study.

Travel Tip #2: If you have the chance in the next year to go on any type of retreat, weekend away or conference–GO! Time away does wonders for the spirit to help you make the most of your time and energy when you return back home.

After being away, I allowed myself 24 hours to be lazy. When Maddi and I went to pick up Jordan from school she said, "Mom, I have my pajamas on.  Wait…I have an excellent idea! You can ask the owner…the lady in charge of the place…ummm what's she called?"

"The principal?" I asked.

"Yes! Her! You can ask that lady if you can carry me inside with no shoes."

Problem solved. Solution found. I think I will call this my do something life.

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