The Gift of Travel

I'm curious if it is possible to travel without leaving home. I looked up the word travel which can mean trek which can mean journey which can mean explore which can mean look-at which can mean discover which can mean notice which can mean take-in which can mean understand or value.

What do I notice about the day in front of me? What is there to discover? What do I value?

When I returned from my trip to Belize, there was a cast-iron wall-hanging on my doorstep shaped in the word "Believe." It was left anonymously. I have wanted to thank the gift giver ever since I received it. What a considerate gesture and act of comfort–someone is paying great attention. Part of the charm of the gift is that this secret person isn't expecting a thank-you. It reminds me that each day holds surprises and that we can help someone else without ever realizing how much. Am I looking to help? Am I open to receive? Am I aware?

Whether traveling by train, SUV or inside myself I hope I'm taking the time to notice what matters most. And I hope I'm sharing a few surprise gifts along the way.

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