Be Healthy

I just read about Linda Fonden who helped her town lose 15, 000 pounds! Motivated by her sister’s death, she wanted to give people a chance to get in shape. Her sister died at the age of 54 from cancer, but was restricted from living her life because of obesity.  On her deathbed Linda’s sister told her, “I wish I would have lived a little bit more for me.”

Linda’s video will encourage all of us to walk or run or bike around the block this week. She encourages, “It’s not so much about tracking the pounds; it’s about prompting the action, getting people to move, getting communities to move so that we are all helping each other. Because if we’re not helping each other, my goodness, we might as well hang it up.”

My favorite quote from the video was at the end where Linda says, “If we want to be happy we must be healthy.” Summer is here. I wish you much health today.

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