Kids First Time Snorkeling

Maddi and Jordan were brave little spirits, jumping into the ocean before I could get my fins on. They reminded me not to touch any coral because it feels like fire. Helping the captain sail around the reef, Maddi took the wheel and Jordan grabbed a rope and announced, "Everything's complete…ready to go!"

Another family who accompanied the excursion took a photo of the three of us bobbing with our masks and mouthpieces. I hope she emails it to share. We swam with a barracuda, jellyfish, several starfish and many colorful fishes of all sizes swimming around their sea-made homes of rock and seaweed and waving coral. 

On the boat ride back to shore we saw a family of dolphins.

Tonight at bedtime I asked for highpoint/lowpoint of the day. Snorkeling made the highlight list. It's my highpoint to experience so many firsts with my kids.

Belize 061

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