Birthday Boy

Today Jordan turns five!

Maddi saw a photo of Jordan last year at this time eating lobster when we were in Ecuador.  She exclaimed, "Look!  There's Jo-dan eating a hamster!"

I'm just impressed he's eating seafood! He loves everything from shrimp to broccoli to guacamole. He is inquisitive and sensitive and bright. He is energetic, grumpy when he's tired and at times a handful. And he's mine. I'm so glad he's mine.

I remember five years ago when my water broke.  Shawn and I were listening to our friends play in the band, "Erin Rogue" at an Irish Pub in Maple Grove. I was surprised and a bit alarmed as we were still three and a half weeks away from my due date. Shawn was calm and thrilled. He was good with emergencies and sped to the hospital.

Fourteen hours later Jordan was born. Seven pounds. Eight ounces. Twenty inches. Eleven fifty-one AM.

I talked to him through the whole labor, "Come on, baby…come on, baby!"

And I talk to him even more today, "Come on, baby…we can do this. Come on, baby…you were made to do something incredible. Come on, baby…I completely believe in you!"

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

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