Jordan walks into the kitchen with his collection of treasures. He is forever toting a random hodgepodge of items around the house—the favorite green blanket, a small pirate figurine, a handful of quarters, two sticks which he calls spears and a rolled up piece of paper for his map. 

Maddi’s in their bedroom lining up her dolls and stuffed animals.  She makes a place in bed for her black kitty, the baby with a broken arm, a little lamb, a huge puppy and a couple other orphan babies that don’t have names. Like patchwork they all fit perfectly–leaving a small spot for herself to cuddle in-between.

I’m watching them closely and it occurs to me that my kids are a collage of Shawn and Jennifer. Curious, compassionate, cunning, calculating…maybe clever…hopefully calm. I get equal parts of me and him inside them.

A collection of treasures. Like patchwork. They all fit perfectly.

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