Easter, Spring, Life

“Live simply so others may simply live.”  -Mother Teresa

For Easter this year we decorated our eggs as baby chicks. The kids were wondering why there isn’t an Easter Chicken instead of an Easter Bunny since chickens seem more likely to bring eggs. That’s one of those goofy life questions that kids trick you with, one of those questions that require Wikipedia as a handy dandy tool.

I learned in my Google search that Easter originates in Germanic folklore before Christianity came to Europe. The celebration of Spring was named after the goddess of the sun, Eoster, whose companion was a rabbit. Rabbits symbolized fertility or new life in this era of myths. When Christians started celebrating Christ’s resurrection they kept the pagan tradition of celebrating Spring with the name Easter and the rabbit. They added eggs as part of the symbol of new life.

I read yesterday that Easter isn’t just one day in our calendar year, Easter is a season. May this Spring bring you and your family new life in various ways–bunnies, chicks, eggs–enjoy the simple signs that remind us to start anew.

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