Day Savers

fairy Godfather saved me from slipping." -Jordan (using his new roller-blades)

My son has been telling me about his fairy Godfather, whom I'd love to meet. This guardian-angel-like-guy seems to show up just in the nick of time to save the day.

What if we could be day savers?

What if we could be the ones to make someone's day or to at least help them get through it?

One of Maddi's preschool songs is about how people are different. In order to clarify she told me, "Some people don't
have legs and some people don't have moneys and some people don't have
daddies." I nodded, pleased by her theory–we all have hardships to live with, but most importantly we still LIVE. All of us together, here to help.

I read about a mission trip a
friend from church took to India. One of her mentors asked, "“Why do we
ask for such small things from such a big God?”

God can take our small
efforts and multiply them. God wants to take our small offerings and use them to make a difference.

Frustrated last week with my exercise plan (the part where I work out and then go home and eat too much) I told one of the YMCA trainers, "Does being here even count? I feel like I'm always starting over!" He coached, "Today counts." Everything counts. The things we do for ourselves and the things we do for someone else.

I heard a guy at church challenge us to change two people a day. Change the world with Mother Teresa's words, "Do small
things with great love."

It all matters. Singing in the car. Doing an extra ten push-ups. Helping your spouse carry in groceries. Going to bed early. Calling a friend who needs to talk. Being there to save the day.

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