First Time Drinking Lime-Orange-Aid

I love lazy
days. I just finished making lime-orange juice from fresh limes that grow in
this region like dandelions. The oranges break the tartness, making it a
refreshing tangy drink.

My mom made
her healthy apple breakfast cookies this morning. Miss Janis sampled one and
renamed them “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cookies.” A baker would know.
They are filled with nuts, whole-grain oats, dried apples, cranberries,
walnuts. I think my mom wants to secretly stay here and join the bakery staff.
She has a knack for making new creations and would fit perfectly into Miss Janis’s
two oven shop with an oven for each.

our best therapy is found in the simplest activity. I encourage you today to do
something simple and see how good it is.

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