"If you don’t stop making that face, I won't sit by you on the bus," Jordan told his little sister over lunch.

"You won't?" she asked, all-trusting to her all-knowing brother. Maddi's voice held a bit of concern. All she has been talking about for weeks is starting school and riding the bus.

 "No," Jordan said, "I’ll sit in the back by the big boys."

 "And I’m not allowed to sit there?" Now Maddi was becoming worried.

"Of Course not," her big brother replied, relentless.

"Well, I’m gonna be six someday! And you can tell them I’ll be six in
a half while I’m in Kindergarten," Maddi replied, not willing to miss out.

I told my kids to go outside and eat their lunch, sometimes it is best to interrupt a conversation. I looked out the front window to check on them and they had made little beds with pillows on the front sidewalk. "Just in case we are tired while we eat," Maddi told me. "Then we can take a nap." Convenient, I thought.

I sighed, happy that the two were getting along again. I love that they have each other.

Jo jo and maddi

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