Good Turns

My kids attended Vacation Bible School this week and learned many positive themes about God’s true love, true power and true hope. On the last day, I missed my turn into the parking lot of the church and Jordan commented, “It’s a bad hair day for you.” I chuckled, wondering where my son had heard that phrase.

My week has been full of bad hair days, bad outfit days, bad mood days. Feeling overwhelmed when I left grad-school class tonight, I found myself in the middle of a huge conversation–inside my head (those tend to be some of my best and most aggravating discussions). I concluded that a majority of my stress comes from expectations that are not only too big to live up to, but that only I have put on myself as a requirement for how life is supposed to look. I asked myself, “Would it be so bad if life looked different? Different than you planned or mapped out? So what if you don’t bring a dessert to the picnic, you had a twenty-page packet due on cross-cultural communication.”

I answered my son that morning in the car, “I’m not having a bad hair day…just a bad turn day. And I’m ready for some good turns for the rest of the day.”

I’m praying for good turns as your read today. With the holiday ahead, I pray for safe turns, fun turns, turns with family and friends…many good turns as you celebrate.

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