Hearts Working

We went shopping at the Good Will for Halloween costumes. The kids found uniforms for Steven to be a paramedic and picked out a nurse outfit for me. Last night Jordan was testing one of the stethoscopes on Madelynn when he concluded, “Our hearts must not be working.” Of course, a plastic stethoscope from a thrift store would never be the problem!

But, I started to think about my son’s words. Our hearts must not be working. Isn’t that phrase more accurate than we often admit? Day to day is my heart working? Am I compassionate to the person who annoys me? Am I forgiving to the person who has wronged me? Am I honest with the person who isn’t honest with me?

I think Jordan is so correct. Many times our hearts are beating, but they are not working.

I’m challenging myself today to give my heart a new workout. I am challenging myself today to love someone in my life in a different way–a way that may take a little bit more work, but may also make a more significant difference.


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