Jump into the Spirit

My in-laws came over for lunch on Sunday and my niece Natalie commented, “Within the last week everyone has just jumped into the spirit of Christmas!” She said this while looking around my house that is completely decorated for the holiday. 

I know I am crazy early, but this past week my kids and I pulled out all of our Christmas bins.  I’m probably running the risk of confusing them as we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving. And as we  played Christmas Cds and arranged things around the house Maddi kept singing, “We decorating for Halloween!”

I’m just happy that the spirit of Christmas has met up with my spirit this year and for the first time in three years I want to engage with its magical meaning. My children are at such perfect holiday ages—the ages of wonder. And I don’t want to miss this.  I don’t want to miss their delight or surprise or love or interest or eagerness or innocence or glee or child-pure joy! 

Yesterday Maddi and Jordan were talking about who is the boss of our family. Jordan declared, ‘Mommy is the boss and I’m the boss’s helper!”  Maddi fought for a title, too.  She wanted to deem herself the “other boss’s helper.” But, Jordan took rank as the oldest and informed her that we only need one boss’s helper and she could be the boss’s secretary.  That seemed to work for her.  So, now in our family we have a boss, a boss’s helper and a boss’s secretary.  What leadership I live with!

Playing on their own I heard Jordan continue the conversation with his little sister, “I listen to God, Momma and Santa!”

“Me, too” agreed Maddi, “We listen to God, Momma and Santa. And Santa watches over us and wants us to be nice and not naughty—right, Jo-dan?”

I was curious if that is their order—God, Momma and Santa.

I guess the boss doesn't always get to decide. But, their conclusion works for me.

And so the spirit moves. Unpredictable, really. All I know is I must take charge and move, too.

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