Are you an unlikely widow that’s proving life has a second act? Can you be an inspiration to other women who have unexpectedly lost their husbands?

GRB Entertainment wants to hear your story!

Emmy Award-winning production company, GRB Entertainment is currently casting for a groundbreaking TV documentary that will feature the lives of women who have learned to move forward despite the loss of their spouse or partner, but are proving that life has second chances. GRB is looking to give an ensemble of dynamic women an amazing platform to give America a glimpse into their everyday lives after rising above loss. 

If you’re interested, please send a brief description of yourself along with a recent photo to the casting team at:  

* PLEASE NOTE: GRB is already working with a group of women 40+, so to ensure that all ages are represented, they are currently looking for women ages 21-35. Specifically GRB is interested in widows from CA, AZ and NV for this first series. Hopes are the series will eventually cover and reach all regions of the United States to connect with more people and spread much needed inspiration to those who need it most. 

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