Speeder Upper Slower Downer

My son has a way with words. Some of my favorite are the ones he invents.  While eating Dinosaur Egg oatmeal this morning, Jordan said he wished he had a remote starter and stopper for life. He called it a “Speeder Upper and Slower Downer” and he would use it to control time. As he explained, his remote control life gadget would help him speed up parts of life that are boring. When he’s in school he could speed up time during math class or other classes that tend to drag on. Of course, recess and lunch always need a few extra minutes added to the clock. “I’d push the slow down button during ‘Read Aloud Book Time’ at the end of the school day to hear more of the story…that’s fun time,” Jordan told his sister. I asked him when he’s at home what time would he want to change and Jordan had an immediate answer, “I’d speed up annoying times like doing the dishes, but slow down family game time…cause that’s quality time.”

I wish I had a “Speeder Upper and Slower Downer” remote control invention. Naturally, most of us would wish for difficult times to pass quickly and enjoyable times to linger.

In studying Ecclesiastics this month with our small group, we are learning there is a time for everything and all times are to be fully experienced. This doesn’t mean all times will be happy or easy. Still, the reader is encouraged to be present for his or her life–fully recognizing that life is fragile and fleeting.

We ate Chinese last night and Maddi opened her fortune. She wasn’t sure what the crinkled-up quote meant and said, “Here, Mom, maybe this was supposed to be for someone else in the family.” I think the fortune is for all of us, it said: It takes courage to lead a life. Any life.

Each of us will have ups and downs in life; struggles and joys of different degrees and descriptions. Maybe we don’t have a remote control solution to apply to our variety of situations. But, I trust we have courage…at least the courage we need.

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