Well Done Well Said

“Well done is better than well said.” -Anonymous

Doing is better than saying. Being active is healthier than being inactive. Follow-through means more than fallen promises. Showing interest is different than claiming to be interested. Action achieves, apathy fails. Doing something heals more than doing nothing.

My neighbor, Bob (age 93), died on Sunday. We have known him since Jordan was born. He called Maddi his little girlfriend, his “honey.” He always checked my mail when we were out of town and called me on Wednesdays if I forgot to set out my garbage can. He took me to get oil changes so I wouldn’t have to wait and then would drive me back to pick up my car when it was done. Bob taught Madelynn how to play cribbage and had a drawer full of candy and gum for the kids to pick something out when they came over. He loved to visit and loved when I baked him pumpkin bars. He was good at doing, not just saying. He was a loyal friend. I never thought about this until yesterday, but Bob was really like a grandpa to our family. And I miss him. The loss hurts, because the relationship was real.

Thank you, Bob, for being a man of your word and sharing your well-lived life with us!

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