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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day! I’m thankful for all of the great people in my life. My friend Andrea who always runs the Turkey Trot with me. My mom who helps me cook. My mother-in-law who took my kids for a Grandma … Continue reading

Why We Run

The Shawn Silvera 5K Memorial Run has a new slogan this year, “Every number has a story.” Come tomorrow and celebrate your story! One man wrote, “Running to honor my father who died in June at age 92 (11 months), … Continue reading

When there is Confusion

I had coffee with a beautiful new friend named Rani. Originally from India, she and her husband moved to Minnesota over 25 years ago for work.  A year ago this summer after 25 years plus of marriage, Rani’s husband died … Continue reading

Shawn 5K

Why is it that by the time August comes, we realize summer is whizzing by and that when anything passes with such racing speed, we often put on hold some of our favorite things to do–like writing for my blog! … Continue reading

What Does God Want Me to Be

I feel like I'm at an impasse. Soon it will be five years since Shawn's death and I am baffled at where I go from here. My kids talk about him all the time. Jordan reminded me today of when … Continue reading

Zip Line

Last weekend my kids and I visited Camp Lebanon with some of our favorite friends. This church camp turns into a parent's haven on the weekend, allowing families to enjoy the camp's features–paddle boats, canoes, a beach with water slides … Continue reading


I was driving Friday night in the rainstorm when a rock hit my windshield. CRACK! An instant puncture the size of a quarter shot the center of the glass. Slowly the veins of the star-burst crevice grew outwards in a … Continue reading