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Cheerful Christmas–You are right on Time

My kids asked me this week if they could start collecting “mommy points.” They made up this idea that every time they help out with a chore or obey right away or doing something extra they can earn a mommy … Continue reading

Allergic to Work

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Jordan has been dealing with end of the summer allergies with fall pollen in the air. Rubbing his red eyes he told me, “Mom, I have some type of severe allergy…whatever it is I hope it’s … Continue reading

Easter, Spring, Life

“Live simply so others may simply live.”  -Mother Teresa For Easter this year we decorated our eggs as baby chicks. The kids were wondering why there isn’t an Easter Chicken instead of an Easter Bunny since chickens seem more likely … Continue reading

Love the Time you Have

Someone told me this morning if we try to love on our own, we fall short. If we love as God loves us we love with great abundance. My hope for you this Easter week is for a weekend full … Continue reading

Finding Me in the New Year

Sometimes we try so hard to be who we are not. We try to appear ultra confident. We try to look like we have it all together. We try to impress. We try to live with less and still find … Continue reading

Christmas Collage

My dear friend and mentor, author and speaker Karen Ehman, shared my story on her blog this month. I wanted to share her website with my readers as well as the comments people wrote after she posted information about my … Continue reading