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Do You Ever Wish for Simple?

I came across this poem that I wrote during my time in the Peace Corps, summer of 2001. The main lesson I need to learn is how to live simply. Do you ever wish for simple? HONDURAS HOME quiet little … Continue reading

Find Something Amazing

Life is all about finding the amazing. I'm on day seven of my food detox and have decided it's pretty bad when you have to eat one of your children's chewable gummy bear vitamins because it looks better than chocolate … Continue reading


My house smells like Honduras. For supper, I boiled red beans mixed with onion and garlic and made burritos with avocado and sour cream. Just like how I learned when we lived abroad. The trick is to soak the beans … Continue reading

Simple Life

My lessons from Honduras are coming full circle.  The instructions I learned the first time around hold new meaning.  I am being taught again at a new level of understanding.  My training has taken on a double message.  Maybe I … Continue reading

Concepcion de Maria

How does a childĀ“s heart grieve?  In pure form.  With the purest type of love.  And I am discovering that no matter what the age, they do not want to let go.  No matter what the age we share this … Continue reading

This is the Place Where I am Most Wanted

Last night we shared a dinner with a group of various friends whom we met during our time serving as volunteers in Honduras.  We enjoyed grilled chicken kabobs, feta rice and vegetables, biscuits and pistachio salad.  The menu was devised … Continue reading

Nothing in Life is Ever Perfect

Nothing in life is ever perfect.  This is what my Honduran friend, Rafa, told me today.  He was referring to Jordan and the fever he has had since we arrived in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.  We are planning a … Continue reading