Forest Lake, Minn. – On a sunny, warm September day in 2005, the life of Jennifer Silvera changed forever when three uniformed police officers came to her door. Her husband Shawn, a Lino Lakes police officer, had been killed in the line of duty – run over by a man high on meth and speeding down 35W in an attempt to outrun police.

In the months and days that followed, Jennifer searched to find an answer for why this had happened. Why had her husband, a generous and loving father of 5-month old Madelynn and 22-month old Jordan, been taken from her? More importantly, how could she go on? “Believe: A Young Widow’s Journey Through Brokenness and Back,” is the result of her search for answers and her climb back from despair and disbelief.

After Shawn’s death, Jennifer found her best healing came when she wrote. In time, she began a blog. Originally, it was a place where she could work through her thoughts and to help others feeling the same loss. She began hearing from people all over the world: People who needed to reach out; People who understood where she’d been and how hard the journey in front of her would be; People who knew what it meant to want to scream, to yell and to make it all go away–even while realizing her children depended on her now more than ever.

Before she knew it, her blogs had begun to take shape in the form of a book. The more she wrote, the more she remembered, the more she felt. The result is a beautifully woven collection of memories, stories, hurt and, ultimately, healing. It is a practical, yet heartfelt, guide through an indescribable tragedy.

Recording artist and author of “Learning to Breathe Again” Tammy Trent says, “Jennifer Silvera is passionately and honestly overcoming the unthinkable. “Believe” will inspire anyone who has the wind knocked out of them, and it will strengthen and equip you to rise above and rebuild a life worth living.”

Believe was released May 1, 2009 by Kregel Publishing. “Believe” is available at Barnes and Noble, Northwestern Book Stores, Borders, Amazon and on believenow.com.