Believe Jewelry Collection

THE “Believe Jewelry Collection” Story

When grief capsized Jennifer’s life, she chose to believe and made a commitment to discover God’s purpose for her journey and future. While raising her own young children, Jennifer fought to find significance in life. Her writing offers understanding, affirmation and hope. The “Believe Jewelry Collection” was designed to inspire all those who wear it to believe in their own life journey and to hold onto the faith that God has a plan for their lives.

Handcrafted with care from exotic freshwater pearls, semi-precious gems, .925 sterling silver, Tibetan silver, and art glass beads, this jewelry features the dragonfly, Jennifer’s symbol of faith and life. It is her hope that this one-of-a-kind jewelry will inspire all to “believe.”

How Jewelry Helped Build a School

All proceeds from the jewelry sales went to the Honduras School Porject. The money helped build the first-ever school in a small Honduran village near Concepcion de Maria which borders Nicaragua.

This is the same village where Jennifer and Shawn spent two years volunteering with the Peace Corps. You can read about their adventurous journey in archived journals at

The “Believe Jewelry Collection” has been discontinued. All those who have pieces from this collection can wear them knowing that they left a lasting impact on this small village.