Be Here Now

Be still. Take at least five minutes a day to reflect or relax.

  • Read
  • Pray
  • Take a tea or coffee break
  • Walk or exercise
  • Take a bath or extra long shower
  • Converse with a friend

Make it through the moment. Instead of worrying about the day, work to move through the next hour, the next half hour, better yet, the next minute.

Offer your best. Offer what you have or are prompted to do even if on some days that feels like very little.

Focus on abundance gratitude. Write down one blessing you are grateful for today.

Share abundance giving. Share a piece of yourself, your time, or your talents.

Be blessed. In peaceful moments, darker moments—all moments, thank God for his work in you before going to bed.

Be present. Ask yourself each morning, “If tomorrow I left to meet God, what would I focus on in this moment to prepare my heart? What would I do today that matters?”

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