Love Does Not Fail – Diagram of how

God’s Plan of Healing Us by His LOVE The World’s Methods & Myths for Healing after Loss
Love Remains
[love is here]
Replace Love (What was lost)
[Myths that if we remarry, stay busy, don’t think about it, have another baby, or adopt everything will be fine. People try to ease grief by telling us your sister is in a better place or that God needed another angel. Others say we just need to thank God for what we still have whether its other children or our health in an effort to replace the sadness.]
Love Sustains
[love keeps us going]
Move On/Let Go
[The world tells us to sell your house, get on with your life, go on vacation, change jobs, start working, have a drink, relax, use something else to fill the void. The concern to move on and let go is voiced long before the idea of healing has taken place.]
Love Transcends
[loss invites us to know God’s love
in a deeper way]
Tragedy Takes Away Life
[Loss can lead to bitterness, jealousy, passive/aggressive behavior, seeking negative attention, anger and hopelessness when we neglect to seek God for true healing.]
Love Heals
[God-who is love-ultimately heals us
in a deeper way]
We are responsible to heal ourselves
[Time heals all wounds, give it time, one year is what is expected for grieving. If we don’t feel better or “healed” we are encouraged to ignore it or not talk about it.]

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