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Our Lunchtime

At lunchtime Jordan told me, "Daddy is sitting next to Maddi. You can talk to him if you want to." Maddi nodded and smiled with her cheeks creased to her eyes telling me it was true. I told my kids … Continue reading


Maddi's new love–cartwheels. Outside, inside, down the aisles of the grocery store, in the living room, at the neighbor's house, at grandma's house, at church. She can be found numerous times a day flipped upside down, practicing her form. Her … Continue reading

I Sure Do Love You

Jordan had a school field trip yesterday to visit a working farm. I told him to look for Officer Mike, one of his classmate’s dads who was chaperoning and who had also worked with Shawn. Jordan glanced at me as … Continue reading


We were at the YMCA the other day and Maddi ran into the boys bathroom. "I just wanted to try it," she told Jordan and I when she came out. I held my breath, thankful she was the only one … Continue reading